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Back Office Support Services

Top back office support outsourcing solutions to delegate non-customer facing tasks

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Is your back office becoming a burden on your operational efficiency?

We've got your back covered! 

Just throw the stuff at us and we shall handle it! This service is wide in variety and new on challenges. As we and our team members become part of our clients everyday chores and essentials, any new development, temporary or permanent pain gets revealed to us. We are asked to chip in. And we do our best at the following service:

  • Business support

  • Admin Staff 

  • Accounts Payables 

  • Accounts Receivable 

  • Website update

  • Sales Promotion 

  • Digital footprint update

  • Standing order, Engagement leers, Tax Refund leers, Payroll run successfully leer 

  • AR & AP documentation, reporting 

  • Employee work records, issues and procedures for employee complaints post termination to Labor authorities for wrongful dismissal or treatment.

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Risk I Technology I Outsourcing


" We go beyond the numbers and and provide unique, in-service, value driven offerings personalized to our individual clients. Our goal is to enhance our clients' well being by honoring the promise of value and service while maintaining integrity and honesty in everything we do. "

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Remote Admin and Digital marketing Resource services

Managing remote teams is tricky but we are there to help you through that process. We have an expert team which will manage all the administrative responsibilities remotely for your team and have a feedback channel directly to you for the optimization of the processes involved. We provide creative and quick marketing solutions for your business, making use of digital resources for marketing purposes and help you gain a quick reach and help increase your sales.

Cloud Office Setup, Automation & Support

With the world moving towards a digital system of working, we help you to take that step by setting up the day to day working environment for you in the online world, your cloud office. The setting up process is one to ensure the environment and the vibe of a workplace is maintained, boosting the productivity. Assisting your business to implement automation services and processes to maximize the profits and utilization of the resources along with a long term support for it.

Connect with us to discuss how we can help your business gain competitive advantage of cost savings and high efficiency of back office services.

Client Success Stories

Check out some of our case studies that describe how we apply expertise and experience to enable change and unlock value for our clients.

Case Study

Private Equity / Venture Fund

Set up of investment & conflict resolution SOPs, outsourced accounting & compliance support.

Case Study

Realty Services Industry in US

Created virtual processes & setup an office and entity, staffed it and set up a management team.

Case Study

Textile Manufacturing
Industry in US

setup a manufacturing base from India for a niche textile manufacturer catering to the who‘s who of US society.

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