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IT Services

Evaluate the overall effectiveness of your IT governance.

Preserve the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of mission-critical systems and data.

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Constantly worried about your data and IT Security?

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An effective IT strategy is always based on robust IT audit.

Organizations must understand their key technology risks and how well they are mitigating and controlling those risks. 


JHS IT Audit services provide an independent and objective review of IT infrastructure, control configuration, and regulatory compliance through in-depth testing and expert analysis.

We also provide insight into the threats inherent in today’s highly complex technologies. 

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Risk I Technology I Outsourcing


" We go beyond the numbers and and provide unique, in-service, value driven offerings personalized to our individual clients. Our goal is to enhance our clients' well being by honoring the promise of value and service while maintaining integrity and honesty in everything we do. "

Our IT Services

Our IT Services & Solutions team is born out of need to marry our Financial and Tax Knowledge with the need to incorporate it with our Infotech skills. Along the way we setup our IT team, processes, and new areas of services. 

Security Framework Reviews

Security Framework Reviews give business owners and management the assurance that all is well! This is an extension of our Risk and Audit services into the realm of IT.

Security Framework reviews we offer include:

  • Cyber Security Framework Setup and Audit

  • Application Security Penetration Testing 

  • Source Code Review

  • Security Architecture Design Review

  • Configuration Audit

  • Secure SDLC Audit

  • OEM Implementation Services

Cyber Incidence Response

We live in a dangerous and ever-changing IT risk environment where we are a trusted “go-to” partners in case of cyber incidence for our clients and partners.

Cyber Incidence Response we address are:

  • Red Team Exercise

  • Breach Assessment

  • Phishing Campaign Assessment

  • Email Security Services (Anti spoofing)

Digital forensic is a process of preservation, identification, extraction, and documentation of computer evidence which can be used by the court of law or revenue authority. There are many services, methods and tools that help you to make this process simple and easy.

Digital Forensic Services

Digital Forensic Services provide complete reports that can be used for legal procedures and various types as below.

  • Computer Forensics    

  • Mobile Device Forensics

  • Forensic Services E-Discovery 

  • Employee Activity Monitoring 

  • Application Security Penetration Testing

  • Incidence Response

  • Virtual CISO

IT Remote Monitoring Services

IT Remote Monitoring services are a combination of Server maintenance services and network services including security and health of the entire system. Offshored Remote services offer geographical, political, cyber, cost advantages yet ensure uptime of system.

The network monitoring services use software and tools that include a combination of free, paid, and open source software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. We serve a various Cloud-based RMM system includes a large range of monitors – server, network device, and application – suitable for all sized businesses.

Most network security issues arise when configurations are changed, and we identify these and can automatically resolve many. Alongside solid vulnerability scanning and advanced options to create and monitor policies, this is by far the top choice for network monitoring systems.

Some of the services we offer are 

  • Remote Server Monitoring Team

  • Remote Server setup services

  • Remote Security Operation Centre Management

Connect with us now and enquire about safeguarding your IT infrastructure and data.


Safeguarding  Essential Technology Operations

The Cost of an IT Outage can be catastrophic to your organization. Prepare yourself to face the endless IT threats and risks as the world becomes more and more connected and complex everyday.

JHS IT services provide a confident and accurate analysis of IT infrastructure, control configuration, and administrative compliance by in-depth testing and expert analysis. 

Client Success Stories

Check out some of our case studies that describe how we apply expertise and experience to enable change and unlock value for our clients.

Case Study

A Client in IT Industry

Facilitated execution of an SSAE 16 review covering process and system controls’ overall design & operating effectiveness.

Case Study

Information Technology Enabled Services Provider

Delivered Business excellence through data analytics & reporting suite implementation and rollout.

Case Study

Listed Steel Manufacturer

Executed and ERP system turnkey project to staff & manage post implementation.

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