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Business Process Analysis & Reengineering

Simplify & optimize your operations to cut costs  and gain competitive edge.

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Are your people and processes slowing you down? 

Process optimization is key to sustainable business growth.

In the current business environment, it is more critical than every to understand the health of different operations within a business to continuously improve process efficiency and analyze whether current processes are meeting their goals.

Business Process Analysis and Reengineering helps you identify the detrimental elements in an operation such as redundant steps, bottlenecks, and poor organization. It also accurately determines the complexity of your business' unique processes and provide the right process design that leverages technology and the skills of your teams. With properly analyzed and optimized business processes, your teams will stop wasting costly time and effort addressing the wrong problems and focus on the tasks that add absolute value to your business.

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Our 3 P's Strategy For Process Redesign

  • Define the right structure and roles that your organization needs

  • Design the right hiring process to find the best people to work for you

  • Map your employees to the correct roles based on their proficiencies, skills and experience

  • Design HR-enabled processes that help the employees to perform to their best abilities

  • Establish and implement employee performance management process

  • Design pay and benefits structures that incentivize good behavior and performance


  • Map the current state of your business processes
    by gathering data from all resources–both software tools and stakeholders. 

  • Analyze them and find any process gaps or disconnects by identifying all the errors and delays that hold up a free flow of the process.

  • Identify improvement opportunities 

  • Design a cutting-edge future-state process map that solves all the problems you have identified.

  • Designate KPIs for every step of the process.

  • Implement future state changes and be mindful of dependencies

  • Constantly monitor the KPIs.


Product Restructuring

  • Evaluate markets and opportunities

  • Improve customer service and satisfaction

  • Develop marketing and CRM strategies that support manufacturing/services strategies

  • Develop new business models supported by thorough research and analysis

  • Evaluate financial viability and risks of business opportunities

Connect with us to discuss how we can help you re-energize your business into a well-oiled machine that delivers.

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What BPR Can Solve

  • Process bottlenecks : Bottlenecks arise out of incorrect order of process steps, not following the right process flow, human errors, or wasteful allocation of workers and other resources. They can stop or slow down the process, which inevitably affect your business results.

  • Redundant actions : Redundancy gets introduced in a process flow when different processes are joined together or when the process is designed to include non-value adding steps to the process. This leads to inefficiency and repetition of unwanted and unnecessary tasks.

  • Integration challenges : While integrating legacy processes and new solutions or discrete systems within a process can become a real challenge for businesses. Inefficiently performing systems constitute a significant problem that can lead to malfunctions and communication silos.

  • Poor Understanding & Compliance : Business processes see lack of compliance occurring when employees don't follow the process or are just loosely following rules without understanding why they are being asked to do things a certain way.

  • Process Complexity : As a business evolves, its processes tend to grow and change. As more and more systems are used and businesses expand, the process becomes too complicated for the stakeholders to have real insight into how things are happening.

These are the real challenges that a good BPR exercise can unearth and resolve. This can deliver unimaginable efficiency gains and unlock business potential that would otherwise would be invisible to the management.​

Client Success Stories

Check out some of our case studies that describe how we apply expertise and experience to enable change and unlock value for our clients.

Case Study

An Industrial Valve Manufacturing Company

Streamlined processes across marketing, sales, manufacturing, after-sales service and supply chain delivers significant cost savings.

Case Study

A Construction Equipment Trading Company

Redesigned supply chain management to reduce high inventory carrying costs and inefficient delivery processes while providing significant cost savings and reduced delivery cycle time.

Case Study

An Industrial Automation Company

Revitalized employee engagement, performance management and knowledge retention through revamped HR strategy for the organization.

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