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Our team of expert advisors are ready for you.

We at JHS have pioneered the process of partially offshoring the bookkeeping, accounting, taxation and compliance workload to give you price and time leverage.


Our team of expert advisors are ready for you.

Our client-centric approach is grounded in our strong industry perspective and desire to deliver unparalleled client experiences. Our experienced advisors bring forth curiosity and collaboration while seeking new approaches to evolving business challenges, and we deliver value through relevant ideas and insights.


In a world of rapid technological change fueled by innovation and automation, internal audit is a strategic asset. An effective function accelerates success by giving stakeholders confidence in their ability to meet objectives—and stay in control—no matter where the organization’s future path leads.

Whether you are looking to develop an internal audit function or make an existing one more effective, we have the experience tools and dedicated full-time resources to help you succeed.


While large scale data breaches make headlines and draw media attention, the reality is that the vast majority of cyber incidents occur within small and middle market companies. As a trusted provider of cyber-security services to a number or organizations, JHS continuously strives to ensure our clients are aware of the latest trends within the cybersecurity arena and they are prepared to deal with ever-changing complexities of technologies.


Your systems and technology are evolving rapidly and constantly, and a once-a-year audit of them is no longer enough. You need ongoing, holistic and flexible risk management solutions driven by professionals who understand the changing risk landscapes and your rapidly growing business. JHS brings the know-how and understanding needed to deliver superior results.


Organizations face rapidly evolving, increasingly complex risks, and managing compliance and regulatory demands alone is not enough. JHS consultants bring insight into the risks you face now and those you may face in the future, and help you establish a practical, holistic approach to managing them more effectively. We work with you to align key stakeholders and departments across your business and equip board members with the information and insights needed for better-informed risk taking.

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Enabling Sustainable Business Growth

Unlike the big firms, JHS Consulting provides customized solutions rather than force clients into set models, formulas, and processes. This ensures that the change is sustainable and delivers results for our clients.

Transform risk planning from preventive measures to strategic drivers.


Risk is a persistent and pervasive aspect of business today, and to address it successfully you need a team that offers more than risk advisory expertise alone.


At JHS, we understand the importance of risks for your company, your processes and your priorities. We focus on understanding your business and underpin it with our global experience and industry-specific knowledge. This enables us to develop and advise on unique risk solutions that generate opportunity, add long-term value and empower you to move forward with confidence.

Client Experiences 

Kurt Duitsman
"Prompt, Problem-solver"

Having multiple stores in various locations in the USA, it was a daunting task for us to collect, reconcile & comply with the staggering amount of accounting data that we were generating on an everyday basis, due to the nature of our business. We contacted the team at JHS to look into this problem & they immediately provided us with a solution that involved outsourcing our accounting services. 

Kurt Duitsman

President, Floors For Living

Pearland, TX

Stephen Yoe
"Efficient & Fast"

Our company always wanted to pursue a lean and fast means of getting financial and accounting data and using it rapidly for compliance purposes. JHS has helped us immensely in this regard with their timely & efficient bookkeeping & accounting services. I would recommend their services to any company who is absolutely flying in its growth path and wants a partner to hold its wings.

Stephen Yoe, CPA

Managing Partner at Yoe CPA, LLC

Houston, TX

Nisha Kolhatkar
"Coordinated and Timely"

Being someone who is always on the move, it becomes extremely difficult to execute, supervise & coordinate the Admin. & Accounting work which requires timely compliance. JHS has been a perfect associate who has helped me to solve this particular problem by taking over the burden of accounting & compliance & allowing me space to get going at the other work and saving my precious time as well.

Nisha Kohlatkar, CPA

President, Enterprise Business Solutions

Lake Forest, CA

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